The Struggle Is Real(ly romantic)

No one remembers the time you paid the rent on time. Living together, all alone, trying to make it happen—that’s where it’s at.

There is something so romantic and loving about trying to make ends meet when a relationship is starting. How can anyone be against young love? Sacrificing your comfort so you two can live in harmony. That’s much more romantic than “Babe, the bills are paid, let’s go on another vacation…”

Jack Kilmer in “Palo Alto” (2014)

Jack Kilmer in “Palo Alto” (2014)

The Disney Fantasy Disguised as The Curse

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually people will believe it…

-Adolf Hitler

Have you ever looked back on a certain time frame of the Disney glory days and wondered if it’s a weird coincidence that all the Disney stars of your youth are tabloid crazy burnouts? Isn’t it funny how the stars you remember to be “innocent” and “heartwarming” are the influences who aren’t suitable for children today? What’s the problem? For far too long there has been the aura of a “curse” over young Hollywood; a form of dependence on mischief after years of playing the good person card. Is it a curse, in a sense? I personally believe the way the youth of yesterday is acting is a direct connection of not a “curse,” but of the standards set by the almighty Disney.

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